What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship?

The question above is a fundamental question that needs to be answered before you read the writings on this blog. Knowing what entrepreneurship means makes us better know what the difference is with businesspeople. Knowing the definition of entrepreneurship can also make us understand why often entrepreneurship is often equated with entrepreneurs, when in fact different.Here is the definition of Entrepreneurship in my opinion (Arry Rahmawan),

Entrepreneurship is a strong conviction that exists within a person to change the world through ideas and innovation. This belief is then followed up with the courage to take risks to realize these ideas and innovation through the organization that he founded, ranging from building, maintaining, and developing it to produce real impact to the world.

Thus, the criteria of an entrepreneur can be seen from the following characteristics:

  • Have confidence to change the world for the better
  • Likes to innovate and discover new ideas that make life better
  • Established organizations, institutions, companies themselves (known as founders)
  • Dare to take risks to realize the idea and innovation
  • Value-oriented rather than profit.
Know About Entrepreneurship

Because entrepreneurship is really an attitude and a belief, then entrepreneurship is also not only found in independent people, but also in organizations, companies, government agencies, and various other institutions. For those within a particular organization this is called intrapreneurship. About this will be discussed in the special tips section.Reject Measure Entrepreneurship Success: Change, change, and change for a better World.

What is Business?

Is entrepreneurship the same as a business? I think both have different meanings.

Business is an activity of exchange of goods or services, which a person or organization does to gain commercial advantage.

Here are the characteristics of a businessperson:
  • Think more analytical and stronger in calculations
  • Ensuring the system is running well and making a profit
  • Profit-oriented compared to value
  • Full calculation in making decisions, especially financial feasibility

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Entrepreneurship Needs Business, Businesses need Entrepreneurship

Why then do we often find a phenomenon in which entrepreneurship is likened to a business? In Indonesia, people often equate between entrepreneurship with entrepreneurs. Some even make a definition where entrepreneurship is Small and Medium Enterprises, while Business is a big business with billions of dollars of capital.

In fact, there is a distinctly different pole between entrepreneurship and business.

Entrepreneurship focuses on the impact and change of society.

Business focuses on money and financial gain.

Entrepreneurship requires business skills in it to survive financially as fuel to make the innovations generated that can continue to survive and change the world. While Business requires entrepreneurship to continue to survive and win the competition from ever increasingly aggressive competitors with new innovations that result.

This is the concept I bring in Entrepreneur Pro, where as an entrepreneur we also need to master business skills that are analytical and technical. Even as a businessman, we need to master the way how to generate new innovations in order to always be at the forefront.

To facilitate understanding, you can see the following continuous lines,

What is Entrepreneurship?A pro entrepreneur realizes that to be able to produce innovation and significant impacts required fuel in the form of financial benefits to bring added value that can continue to be distributed. Entrepreneur Pro continues to be an inventor, inventor, pioneer, in adding value by continuing to improve their business skills.

Misguided in Understanding Entrepreneurship

In Indonesia many people mistakenly understand entrepreneurship as a way to become rich. In fact, entrepreneurship is a way to generate positive impact for society. Entrepreneurship is the one who continues to produce innovation and added value from the previously absent. Entrepreneurship strives to continue to be a leader and pioneer in generating the latest innovations.

Unfortunately, many people are learning entrepreneurship in the hope of becoming rich. This is a disconnected phenomenon, if one expects to become rich by becoming an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur makes us have a better impact or impact for civilization. If the goal is to become a congomerate or a rich person, then learn what a business is.


Based on the above description, if you want to have a big impact then be an entrepreneur. However, if it turns out you want to gain wealth then be a businessman (businessman). If you want to achieve both at once, then be an Entrepreneur Pro!